PRaHMIS Features

PRaHMIS, the Patients Record & Hospital Management Information System, is a hospital automation solution enabling you to run your hospital most efficiently, reducing operational cost, maximizing profits and achieving maximum satisfaction level of your patients.

  • Mobile ready

    PRaHMIS has been developed incorporating responsive design techniques, displays gracefully on every kind of device, mobile, tab, laptop, desktop & tv

  • Amazing design

    PRaHMIS user interface is amazingly impressive, very intuitive & easy to use thus creating a very enjoyable user experience.

  • Appointments

    Easily create & manage patient’s appointments, smart interactive record searching, Search & find appointments by date, consultant or by patient ID, name etc

  • Medical Record

    Easily manage patients’ medical record including examination, investigation & diagnosis information, & prescriptions stored and displayed in timeline format allowing easy viewing of patient medical history to authorized users only

  • OT Management

    Allows OT scheduling, maintains OT availability list. Indoor patients pay through their account while outdoor patients are invoiced and made to pay by cash. Daily OT schedule and revenue reports are generated.

  • Pharmacy

    Manages products stock, re-order lists, suppliers list, export inventory listings to excel. Manages indoor/outdoor sales & returns & print receipts. Generates daily sales reports.

  • Laboratory

    Manages patients Test & allows entering test result and printing reports. Indoor patients pay through their account while outdoor patients are invoiced and processed on cash payment. Generates daily revenue reports

  • Accounts

    Manage patients’ accounts, funds deposits, maintain payment history, generate invoices, and generate patients funds deficiency alerts, process refunds, print payment receipts and revenue reports.

  • Expense Management

    PRaHMIS implements a complete expense management system, allowing you to define your expense heads and enter expense records, you can then generate daily, monthly & yearly head-wise categorised expense, profit & loss reports

  • Reports

    Flexible reports generation & printing, daily, monthly, yearly or specific date range options, Income Reports bifurcated by revenue heads, Pharmacy sales, Laboratory & OT revenue reports, Expense reports, Profit & Loss Statements and many more.

  • Users Management

    Only Authroised Users are allowed to access PRaHMIS using their username & password, Admin can create & manage system users & groups and can edit/update/block existing user.

  • Configuration

    The configuration module allows you to customize the PRaHMIS for your hospital, enabling you configure your rooms/wards, define services, set prices, set currency, enlist your consultants/doctors/staff, define your revenue and expense heads, procedures, specialties and much more.

  • Security & Back Up

    Robust programming techniques & stringent quality assurance testing incorporated to ensure your software is protected from viruses & cyber-attacks and easy system back & restoration facility provided for quick restoration to normal operation in case of disaster struck


Create Patient Appointment
Edit/Update or Re-Schedule Appointments
Print Appointment Slip
Cancel Appointments
Display Doctor’s Appointments List

Patient Medical Record

Patient's Medical Record Includes:
Patient Complaint
Patient Examination Findings
Patient Significant Past Medical History
Provisional Diagnosis
Investigations & Results (Test, Radiology, Ultrasound etc)
Treatment Info
Add/Update allowed to authorized users only e.g. Consultant/Doctor
Add/Update Activity Log created on What, When, Whom basis

Hospital Admissions & Discharge

Check Required Room/Ward Bed Availability
Allocate Room/Ward Bed to patient
Edit/Update Room/Bed Allocation
Display Rooms/Beds Occupancy & Availability Status
Print Admission & Payment Slips
Discharge Patient & Update Room/Bed Status
Print Discharge Slip


Manages Indoor Outdoor Medicines Sales
Indoor Patients payments deducted from deposited amount/account
Outdoor patients pay through cash
Maintains Products/Stocks Inventory
Manages Stock Replenishment
Manages Sales & Returns
Allows Search and Find Sales Invoice by Pharmacy Unique Reference #
Allows Discount & Prints Receipts


Manages Indoor/Outdoor patients Laboratory Tests
Create Patient Tests Record with Unique ID
Print Test & Payment Receipts
Indoor Patients payments deducted from deposited amount/account
Outdoor patients pay by cash
Search & Find Patient Tests Record By Unique ID
Enter Tests Results
Generate & Print Test Results Report


Manages Patients Payments, Advance Deposits
Maintains Patient’s Payment History
Generate Patients Funds Deficiency Alerts
Generates, allows searching & finding patient’s Invoices
Process refunds and allows discounts
Manages Expense heads and allows expense entries


Flexible Reports Generation & Printing
Daily, Monthly, Yearly or specific Date Range
Income Reports Bifurcated by Revenue Heads
Pharmacy Sales & Net Profit Report
Pharmacy Indoor & Outdoor Sales Report
Laboratory Indoor & Outdoor Revenue Report
OT Indoor & Outdoor Patients Revenue Report
Head-wise Expense Report
Doctor’s Operations Report
Doctor’s admitted Patients List
Discharge Patients List
Rooms/Beds Occupancy Report
OT Schedule Report

Hospital Configuration

Configure Hospital by entering information about:
Hospital Name, Address, Patient ID Format, Billing Currency
Rooms/Wards & Beds Numbers, Categories, Pricings
Consultants/Doctors, Specialty, Visiting timings, Consultancy Fee, Clinic #, Contact Info
Operation Theater Names/Numbers
Operations/Procedures Categories, Titles, Pricings
Laboratory Tests, Test Types, Price
Expense Heads

Why people buy it?

  • We have been searching for easy to use and cost effective hospital automation software for quite long time. After so many searches we found your system that is according to our requirements. I appreciate your cooperation & support in helping us to implement it in our hospital.

    Harpinder Singh, Sham Neuro Hospital, India
  • I wish I could have had this software long ago. We were facing many problems with managing our hospital before. Now that we installed PRaHMIS,  with just single click I can generate daily or monthly revenue reports and everything is very fast and transparent. I am very satisfied with results and the investment worth it.

    Mutan Syed , Manager Operations, Mohmand Medical Center, Pakistan
  • PRaHMIS is very fine software and working very well. I like the comprehensive reporting your software provides. It was very easy to install and the accompanied documentation provided all the help to get our staff started. I couldn’t thank you enough for helping us big time.

    Mahtab Raja, Owner, Shawal Medical Center (SMC), Bangladesh

Ready to try?

PRaHMIS has been developed to fully automate your hospital according to the international standards, enabling you to transform your entire manual & time consuming processes to the fastest, most accurate & most efficient processes thus saving you time & money